That puts the studio halfway to its sales goal.


Final Fantasy XV is off to a piping hot start. After its worldwide release on November 29th, Square Enix announced 5 million copies of the game have been shipped, making it the series’ fastest-selling title to date.

This news comes from a Square Enix Japanese press release, which was translated by Siliconera. The press release notes that the 5 million figure includes both physical and digital sales. Final Fantasy XV is the first title in the series to launch worldwide on the same day, which could explain the early high sales.

Another explanation for the game’s huge launch could be the anticipation for it.  This instalment in the long-running series was originally announced at E3 2006–yeah, over a decade ago–as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. At E3 2013, it was renamed as Final Fantasy XV and subsequently faced several release delays.


Earlier this year, director Hajime Tabata told Famitsu, as translated by Nova Crystallis, that Final Fantasy XV needed to sell 10 million copies in order to be a success. The exact meaning of the statement was unclear at first, but Tabata later clarified that 10 million was the studio’s sales goal. They didn’t need to sell that many to make a profit, thank god. Looks like Square Enix is already halfway to that goal.

The open world action RPG scored an 8.2/10 from IGN. “In the end, its beauty, charm, and commitment to the bond between its four protagonists keep it glued together, even when some of its design and story elements threaten to pull it apart.”

Final Fantasy XV is available now for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Have you picked up your copy yet?


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