No Man's Sky

Well, it only took about 48 hours, and we’ve already managed to break No Man’s Sky. Way to go.

No Man's Sky

We just can’t play fair, can we? Hello Games goes on a 72-hour work binge right before the game launches to add new features and fix a few exploits, and what happens? Two days after launch there’s a new exploit making the rounds that allows you to duplicate your entire inventory. Oh well. Needless to say this exploit is pretty game-breaking, so if you intend on playing fair and square then plug your eyes, cover your ears, and disregard this article.

Now then. As you avid explorers already know, when you die out in your ship, you can venture back to your grave-marker and recover any of the inventory that was in your ship at the time. Therein lies the secret to this exploit. Before we begin you need to do two things. First, make sure you clear out some room in your ship’s inventory, leaving only the items you wish to duplicate: Atlas Stones, Warp Coils, etc. Now save your game.

Next comes the easy part. All you have to do is go out in your ship and die. Attack a freighter or something, whatever it takes to attract the attention of sentinels and get shot down. After you respawn you’ll want to load your save file from right before you went on the suicide mission (not the last autosave). When you load your file you’ll find your ship with all of your precious items stored, but you’ll also notice your grave-marker in the HUD. Go to it, and you’ll be able to claim a second set of whatever you had on your ship when you died previously.

That’s all there is to it! Do this for about an hour and you’ll have everything you need to strike it rich and reach the center of the galaxy in no time. Or you could, you know, just play the game the way the developers intended. Either way I’m sure this will be patched up pretty soon, so if you’re a dirty cheat, you’ll want to act fast.