destiny the dawning

“Guardians unite in the spirit of competition!”

Destiny’s holiday event called The Dawning is available for download now on PS4 and Xbox One. As long as you have the Rise of Iron expansion, update 2.5.0 is ready for you now. With it comes new gear, weapons, quests, and more! Guardians can compete and cooperate through several themed events. Read on for more details of what the update is bringing.

  • The Tower is festively decorated and adorned with presents from City citizens.
  • Sparrow Racing League is back with two brand new tracks.
  • Compete for high scores in the new Strike Scoring mode.
  • Talk to Commander Zavala for a quest and weekly bounties.
  • Each class can get at least one new set of themed armor.
  • New Sparrows, Horns, and weapon ornaments hit the Eververse store.
  • Guardians get a Record Book with rewards for SRL and Strike Scoring challenges.

The Dawning is a limited-time event running from December 13th through January 3rd. However, two features of the event will be permanent: Sparrow Racing and Strike Scoring.

Beginning on January 3rd, the option to engage in sparrow racing will enter the private match options. Rise of Iron owners will have access to all four tracks, while those who just have The Taken King will only be able to privately race on the two tracks from last year’s SRL. Strike Scoring will also continue, so players can keep competing for high scores after The Dawning concludes.

If you’re already logged into Destiny on your console, the update’s launch will affect your game. Check out the chart below for details.


The Dawning is out now and runs until January 3rd. Take a look at Bungie’s really cool page on the event, and watch the trailer embedded above to get a glimpse of the festive action!


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