PM Studios and acttil, the teams behind Deemo, are excited to announce that the game will be getting a physical release on January 29th 2019. They are also excited to confirm that the game will be compatible with the Nintendo Labo Piano, adding a new experience to the super popular music rhythm title.

The game follows the story of Deemo, a humanoid creature who is isolated and lives in a castle. One day he finds a little girl who’s unsure of who she is and doesn’t know the location of her home.

Deemo wants to help the girl find her home. Along the journey, they discover a strange sprout that grows larger each time Deemo complete a music score.

As the game progresses you learn more about each character and answer questions such as how will Deemo react to having a companion and will the girl be okay to rediscover the lost memories that she will uncover.

They key features of the game include:

• Musical connection! – Play Deemo, literally! Select songs will feature Nintendo Labo Piano support to allow you to dive into the game’s truly musical world!
• Heartfelt rhythms! – 250+ captivating songs from a variety of composers and genres await you! Let the melody of the piano soothe your soul!
• 3 difficulty modes! – Start with the beginning Easy mode and work all the way up to Hard to test your sense of rhythm via simple, intuitive gameplay!
• Beautiful hand-drawn artwork! –The gorgeous art of the game will tug at your heartstrings as the gripping story unfolds!
• Mesmerizing story! – The music, artwork, and narrative all come together in this amazingly moving experience! Fall into the world of Deemo!

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