In a blog post on Steam the developers of Guild of Dungeoneering have announced that their game is now free to play this weekend. According to the post, the game will be free to play until Monday at 10am PST. In addition to this, the game is currently on sale at 60% off. To make things even more exciting, the developers have announced a new feature which is currently in the beta phase for the weekend.

This new feature comes in the form of a game mode called “Trophy Trial”. It’s a “special highscore challenge mode” which is separate to the main campaign in the game. In this mode, players must pick their starting region then select a Dungeoneer to play with. Players then must engage in a series of boss fights which become progressively more difficult. “As usual you start each boss fight at level 1 and need to level up and find the right equipment to emerge victorious.”

The aim of this mode is to earn Trophies by defeating bosses. However, once the player has defeated a boss they are able to decided what to do next. Will they continue the fight or leave the dungeon? Leaving the dungeon allows the player to keep all of the Trophies and points they gained. However, dying in the dungeon will wipe the players score and Trophy count.

The blog post states that “it’s about knowing when to quit!”.

There is also a competitive element to the Trophy Trial mode. The developers have included a global leaderboard which also comes with a unique feature. It allows players to watch other peoples runs at the game. This is so they can “learn the tricks of the very best players”.

If you’d like to give Guild of Dungeoneering a try during the free weekend you can find it on Steam here.

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