PAX Aus, Melbourne Australia, continues for day 2 and promises to be packed full of outrageous fun!

The huge schedule at PAX Aus

Events for today include attendees playing the Jack Box Party games in front of a huge live PAX audience at 3 PM. If you’re unfamiliar with the game (don’t worry I was) here it is. Our host Mat streamed the game with our Discord community. There’s also word that there’s an unofficial Scream Like Goku event at 1 PM. I’m sure this will catch people’s attention. Kame Ha Me Ha!


A comprehensive list of panels include The Great Debate: Watching People Play Games is More Fun Than Playing Them. The panel includes some big names including Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth and YouTube streamer Jesse Cox.

For those who are aspiring to work in video games there’s a great opportunity to hear some insights from within the industry. Designing Tech for Gamers at 12:00 PM explores the question of how gaming hardware is differentiated from mass consumer gear. So you Want to be a Game Photographer? at 12:30 PM is a great chance for aspiring photographers to hear everything you need to know to get started. PAX continues at night with Saturday Night Concerts including a live performance from A Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band. How cool!

If you have unfortunately missed out on today there’s still a limited number of Badges available for tomorrow. Tickets can be purchased on the PAX site for $65 AUD. The full schedule can be found here.

Have a great time! What are you most excited for on day 2 of PAX Aus?


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