Appealing sci-fi sim Unclaimed World will make its full debut.

Developer Refactored Games have released an update on Unclaimed World. The full release has been announced for next month on October 4th. The planet colony sim has been in early access now for over two years. Fans of the game have had to remain patient as there were many issues that had to be sorted. Refactored Games must now believe that the game has seen enough improvements. Adjustments to the core mechanics and UI feedback to the player are believed to have made the game smoother, and a more enjoyable experience.


Refactored games have said they they will continue updating the game after its version. They also hope to support the game with post-release content.

Unclaimed World is a strategy single player game for Windows PC. It involves the player managing a settlement on an alien planet. More about the game can be found on their site.

Do you think this beautiful sci-fi colony sim will now reach its full potential?

Here is the release trailer:

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