Mischa McGill

Mischa grew up with video games and still has a deep love for many - especially fun, colorful RPGs. Some of her favorites include Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Fantasy Life, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, Civilization V, and Stardew Valley. She loves nights in with her boyfriend cooking Mexican food, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and going head-to-head in their favorite games. Mischa might not beat you in Super Smash Bros, but she owns a replica of Arwen’s sword and Hermione’s wand, so... don’t rub it in too much.

Matthew Owen

I'm a life long gamer and an overall media junkie. In addition to writing great articles like this, I host a gaming/comedy podcast called "Super Gamecast 64" available on iTunes and Stitcher. I also watch an unhealthy amount of movies, and try to spread as much love into the world as I can. Hope you enjoyed the content!


Mathew Falvai

Mathew is a huge fan of Space, Strategy, and Shadowrun (Genesis version is #1). When it comes to games and films, he’d much rather experience a 10/10 classic from yesteryear than a 6/10 modern blandfest. He does feel we’re living in a gaming golden age with the power of indie developers at an all-time high, but wishes AAA publishers would take more risks. Mat believes it’s only a matter of time before the pendulum swings the other way and new ideas take their rightful place above reboots.


Lachlan Cosgrove

Lachlan's passion for gaming started when he played DOS games like Commander Keen and Wacky Races. His passion grew when he discovered his Aunt's Atari 2600 and was given a Game Boy for Christmas from his Pa. His favourite console has been the PlayStation 1. Right now he has become a little lazy with gaming but still enjoys the occasional FIFA session. He hopes to get back into playing games more regularly so he can switch off from the real world like he did as a Kid. He's excited about the introduction of VR and hopes for some great VR titles.


Clare Lunawolf

Clare has been a dedicated gamer for almost all of her life and grew up playing a wide range of games such as Tekken, Pokemon, Unreal Tournament and Roller Coaster Tycoon. While she loves engaging action games, there's nothing that can beat a nice tycoon game and jazz session... especially if there's hot chocolate involved.