I was extremely interested in Rebel Galaxy right up until its launch. A lukewarm critical reception had me stay away so I was ecstatic to see it in the PS Plus lineup.

I’ve played through the first hour or so and have been pleasantly surprised, though I can see where the mixed reviews came from.

I’ve been waiting for a game like this on the PS4 for quite some time. I was always a huge fan of Sci-Fi in general and especially loved classic space sims like TIE Fighter and Wing Commander. To have a Freelancer/Privateer title with a unique spin on combat is right up my alley.

That unique take on combat is where Rebel Galaxy excels. Dog fighting in fighter pilots is exhilarating when done right, but the multi-tasking required when battling with larger ships is done very well here. Lining up broadside shots while avoiding asteroids and managing your booster and extra shield is very satisfying. I’ve come across a few enemies that the game insisted I retreat from, but the majority of the battles that I participate in have been a little on the easy side. I’m looking forward to upgrading my bucket of bolts and taking on some higher level foes.

You’ll spend most of the game completing side missions for cash or progressing through the main story. The side missions could have used a bit more variety as I’m starting to feel the repetition already. Like many games, most missions require you to go towards an area, kill the baddies, and move on. You can mix it up by buying/selling goods and mining resources, but a little more variety would have been appreciated.

Out of all the games I’ve tried this week, this is the one I continually desire to jump back into. The combat is very strong and the story has been compelling enough so far. I’m excited to see where the upgrades and plot take me, and hope it remains compelling for at least 10 or so more hours. I’ll report back with a full review when I’ve experienced all the game has to offer.

What do you think of Rebel Galaxy?

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