PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has released a big new update for the PC version, and it adds some long-requested features, although the anti-cheat feature is still MIA. If you play PUBG on PC you will now have the ability to use in-game emotes, add people to a friends list, unlock Steam Achievements, and more.

This is the seventh major update since PUBG left Steam Early Access back in December. As shown in the full patch notes, players can now use 12 emotes during gameplay to enhance communication with other players — or just goof around. The default emote key is ~, and specific emotes can be selected by left-clicking. PUBG Corp. says new emotes will be added in the future.

Also added in Update #7 is a friends list, which can include up to 50 people you have added. This isn’t the type of friends list where you both have to accept each other as a friend; it’s more of a “one-way follower concept,” and it is separate from your Steam friend list. You also now have the ability to voice chat with your teammates while in the main menu.

A whole 37 Steam Achievements have been added to PUBG, the full list of which can be viewed here. The Achievements include some pretty interesting requirements, like reaching the top 10 without killing anyone, getting the first kill of a match, and getting into a vehicle an enemy player is already in. Should add a fun new dynamic to the already intense gameplay.

The patch adds plenty more, mostly performance enhancements to reduce lag and lots of bug fixes. For a comprehensive list of changes and additions you will find in PUBG‘s Update #7, check out the patch notes.

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