PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is letting players customize their fight for chicken dinners just a little more by bringing weapon skins to the game for the first time. Now in the test servers — and soon in public matches — you can unlock unique looks for the PUBG weapons you know and love — or maybe hate.

PUBG Corp. announced the availability of the new cosmetic items yesterday in a Steam Community post. The new weapon skins will be unlockable via PUBG’s newest loot boxes called Triumph Crates and Raider Crates. These crates will only contain weapon skins and no other player cosmetics like shirts and pants. The Triumph Crates require a Weapon Cosmetic Key purchased through the Steam market to unlock, and will be added to the list of possible crate drops with a 20% drop rate. The Raider Crates, on the other hand, will be free with no key required.

Once you unlock skins, you can add them to weapons on the new Weapons tab under the Customization menu. In-game, any weapon will appear in its default look until you pick it up, at which time your selected skin for that weapon will take over. The skin will stay throughout the rest of that match, meaning if you drop the weapon or someone kills you and takes it, your custom skin will remain.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of PUBG, all players can receive a weapon skin free of charge. The Year One SCAR-L skin is available now to any player who logs into the game through May 1st, PUBG Corp. announced on the game’s forums. The skin isn’t very flashy or impressive, but it’s still free and looks a little cooler than the SCAR-L’s default appearance.

Weapon skins are live now on PUBG‘s test servers and will hit public servers as soon as the test build is deemed stable. If you have any feedback to give developers on this feature, do so on the relevant section of PUBG‘s forums.

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