Gaming Mouse Range Boosted by Kaliber Gaming.

If you are looking to upgrade to a new high-performance gaming mouse or like me, still don’t have one at all, this news could be of interest to you. Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR, if you haven’t heard of them are a gaming hardware provider based in California. They today announced that they are adding three new gaming mice to their lineup. The Fokus, Retikal and Symmetre. Each have different specifications and are fully customisable.

“At Kaliber Gaming we believe that every gamer, regardless of age, gender, game genre, PC or console, should be empowered by the equipment they use,” said Derek Hamilton, Kaliber Gaming Product Manager. “These new mice are designed to provide an exceptional performance versus price advantage, and when integrated with Kaliber Gaming software, are fully customizable to suit a range of gamers’ needs.”

Each mice is designed for different types of gamers or games. The Fokus is targeted towards eSports gaming, the Retikal is for FPS and the Symmetre is for both casual and hardcore gamers. All the specifications, features and recommended retail prices can be found on their website.

For the amount of features and customisation that’s included the three mice look to be decent value. I tried to find some feedback on their previous mouse the Chimera M2, but their was little to be found apart from a few unboxing videos on YouTube.

If you can share any feedback on the hardware from Kaliber Gaming please let us know below.

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