Moonlighter heading to Nintendo Switch on November 5

The action RPG title Moonlighter that’s super popular on Xbox, PlayStation and PC is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch on November 5. The physical release is available for pre-order from Amazon for $34.99 USD or on Best Buy. The digital edition is available on the Nintendo eShop.

Moonlighter has everything you’d expect in a classic pixel art style RPG plus more. Including potions, wands, swords, and armor. You’ll come across these items as you take the place of the protagonist, Will. Will is a shopkeeper in the village of Rynoka and lives on the wild side at night, hunting down monsters and exploring dungeons to collect loot for his shop. How badass is that?

Moonlighter Signature Edition Nintendo Switch

As well as the digital and physical release there is also a very appealing Signature Edition available that includes:

* Region Free copy of Moonlighter.

* Exclusive Moonlighter Medallion.

* Original Soundtrack CD.

* A3 Game Poster with digitally-printed developer signatures.

* Squishy Jelly-Monster Figure.

* Sturdy ‘Sierra’ box with outer sleeve featuring alternative artwork and digitally-printed dev signatures.

For extra information, you can explore more on the Moonlighter website.


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