A great gift for the family! Or maybe just yourself?


Black Friday season is upon us, and shiny new deals are around every corner. Today the shiny new deal has come from Nintendo with the announcement of two new special-edition New Nintendo 3DS consoles priced at an appealing $99.99. The 3DS comes in either black or white and features Mushroom Kingdom designs like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi eggs, and Bullet Bills.

“Nintendo has some of the best gifts for the holiday season,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Whether you’re looking for games for the whole family, or a cool new system at a great value, Nintendo has you covered.”

This smaller 3DS–as opposed to the New 3DS XL–has been in high demand and short supply in North America. It originally released only in Japan and the UK, leaving other countries wondering when they would get their hands on the slimmer 3DS design with changeable face plates. Even when this 3DS was released in NA, it was bundled with a Mario game and did not include a charger. These New 3DS’s still don’t come with chargers, which does lower the deal’s appeal slightly.

Getting the New 3DS for $99 is still a great deal, and it opens the door to a pile of quality games. With a 3DS, you have access to DS games, 3DS games, and an array of classic Nintendo games downloadable from the eShop. Also, Pokémon Sun and Moon release on November 18th, shortly before this 3DS deal becomes available. Sun and Moon are set to be a massive mainline installment in the Pokémon franchise, so it’s a prime time to purchase a 3DS console. Even with the newly announced Switch console releasing in early 2017, Nintendo has promised to maintain support for the 3DS with new games and updates.

The special-edition New Nintendo 3DS consoles drop to an exciting $99 on November 25th. Are you interested?



  1. Any idea where exactly we are going to be able to get this deal? Is it going to be on Nintendo’s site or available elsewhere, is it an in-store only deal?

    1. Nintendo just said “head to your local retailer” to get this deal, so it looks like it’s in-store only. But Nintendo might surprise us!

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