A new hashtag is taking over Twitter, and this time it’s one for the gamers. Gaming personalities, journalists, media outlets, developers, and regular users alike are all posting about games that have meant the most to them over the years with the hashtag #GameStruck4, and everyone has different opinions on the matter.

So exactly what criteria are people using to pick their #GameStruck4? The explanation I’ve seen the most is “four games that have impacted you the most,” but many are posting their choices with comments about how many hours they’ve put in, how nostalgic the games feel, and just general favorites. Twitch streamer Ninja, for example, posted the below tweet with his top picks — Halo: Combat EvolvedFinal Fantasy XISpyro the Dragon, and Legend of Legaia.

I, on the other hand, had some very different choices for my most impactful games. I went with The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimAnimal Crossing: New Leaf, Runescape, and Kingdom Hearts. The first three games definitely hold my highest playtime count, along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I almost threw BOTW into my #GameStruck4 picks, because it has undoubtedly impacted my gaming life in a big way, but Kingdom Hearts is a very special series to me. I couldn’t bare to leave it out. Runescape I haven’t touched in almost a decade, but middle school Mischa put so much time and energy into slaughtering cows and mining ore and interacting with sometimes overly friendly players. It is definitely a game that has defined me.

While everyone’s #GameStruck4’s vary widely, I’ve noticed some trends. Games/ series included in many users’ lists include SkyrimCall of DutyThe Legend of ZeldaPokémonHaloGrand Theft AutoFinal Fantasy, and Spyro the Dragon. Of course, not everyone’s list was 100% serious. Twitch came through with some quality jokes, as did this E.T.-loving user.

What titles make up your own #GameStruck4? Post your list or the link to your tweet in the comments below.

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