With games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite climbing the charts right now, some developers are looking to profit off the battle royale hype in their own games. One of those is Techland, the developers of Dying Light, which is adding a game mode inspired by the battle royale genre as new downloadable content.

The upcoming DLC, called Bad Blood, takes cues from the every-man-for-himself play style of battle royale and works it into Dying Light‘s whole open-world zombie survival it’s got going on. The mode doesn’t launch until later this year, but GameSpot got to try out Bad Blood at GDC 2018. Read what they had to say about the game mode below.

“In Bad Blood, six players are dropped into random locations around the map in a race to acquire enough samples from several elite infected,” explained GameSpot. “From the starting point, you’ll have to find weapons and support items as you go. Every player starts on an even playing field as they maneuver through the streets and rooftops of the ruined city. As you take down these special zombies, you’ll be able to collect samples and potentially level up your character–boosting their health, agility, and attack power.

Of course, other players have similar goals, and they may find that attacking you while you’re being swarmed by infected is the smart thing to do. As in traditional battle royale fashion, you only have one life to live, so you’ll have to make the right choices and play smart.”

Dying Light has been receiving consistent updates and expansions since its initial launch in 2015, so it’s no surprise Techland is riding the battle royale wave to keep content fresh and appealing. More details of Dying Light‘s upcoming DLC Bad Blood, including a release date, should be announced soon, but you can sign up for the Global Playtest in the meantime!

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