Capcom have announced the release date for Juri to the Street Fighter V roster.

The announcement was made at Comic-Con last Thursday and Capcom confirmed the merciless South Korean Taekwondo fighter would be available on PC and PlayStation 4 on July 26. Juri will also come with different battle costumes.

Juri or also known by her codename “Spider” was first introduced to the franchise in Street Fighter IV and it was announced some time ago that she would be available again through DLC, however Capcom had not yet given a date for release. Juri is the fifth fighter to be added to the game. Balrog, Alex, Guile and Ibuki have already been added and Urien will be the sixth and last fighter added to the roster for Street Fighter V. The release date for Urien is yet to be confirmed.

Capcom will also release the free DLC story “A Shadow Falls” so players can see what Juri has been up to since defeating Seth and why she’s back.

The reception from the trailer so far has overall been positive with players impressed with the new look. We’ll wait and see how her tier score ranks against other characters. I’m sure most players will be excited to have her back.

The reveal trailer can be seen here below.