Today’s Nintendo Direct focused exclusively on the company’s next big Switch release, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a JRPG that follows the series’ first iteration on the Wii console. Check out the game’s new character trailer above and read on for the biggest pieces of news from today’s Direct livestream.

The Direct discussed details of Blades, which are artificial lifeforms that bond with Drivers like Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s main character, Rex. These humanoid weapons boost Drivers’ power in battles in many different ways, depending on the Blades’ unique abilities. Blades can even help outside of battle by gaining the party access to new areas if they have the needed skills. Blades, in addition to Drivers, can be leveled up and enhanced with better and new abilities throughout the game. You can also form Mercenary Groups of Blades, which can set out on their own and return with experience and items.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set in the world of Alrest, which is made up of kingdoms built on massive beasts called Titans. Each Titan presents varied landscapes and different types of wildlife to either observe or battle. The wildlife you encounter will change with the time of day and the current weather, so always be on your toes. The Titans are also home to many cities with trading posts and townsfolk who would jump at the chance to give you some sidequests.

In addition to gameplay details, Nintendo also revealed some information about the game’s launch. For starters, a Japanese voiceover track will be available on launch day as a free DLC, if you prefer to play with the original voice acting. For more downloadable content, which will be released over the course of months, you can purchase the game’s Expansion Pass, available today.

Speaking of DLC, Nintendo is bringing Xenoblade to another major Switch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Starting this Thursday, November 9th, Breath of the Wild players will be able to start a side quest which sets them on the hunt for an armor set themed around Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Even if you’ve been in post-game Hyrule for a while now, this free update will give you some new content to track down and show off.

Nintendo wrapped up the Direct by revealing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available for pre-order now from major retailers as well as the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you pre-purchase the title on the eShop, it will download most of the necessary data now so you’re ready to play the minute the game releases on December 1st. Launching alongside the game is a themed Pro Controller for $75. It’s up for pre-order on a couple retailers sites now.

Also available to pre-order is the Special Edition of the game, which features a 220 page hardbound art book containing illustrated concept artwork of the title’s characters, landscapes, and objects, a special metal game case, and a sound selection CD featuring memorable music tracks from the game. The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition will set you back $100.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will launch December 1st as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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