WWE started off the 9/11 show by paying tribute to the tragic event. A moment of silence was thankfully devoid of any disrespectful fans and featured the best use of the U-S-A chant I’ve heard in years.

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan

Reigns comes out to mostly boos and a few cheers seeping through. It seems like WWE is embracing his heel side as Reigns was actually smiling as he came out, seeming to revel in finally getting to give the fans what they want.

Jordan and Reigns have a killer match. They tell a simple, yet effective story of Jordan’s wrestling vs Roman’s power. There’s plenty of selling and psychology, which is frustratingly absent from too many matches in the modern era.

Reigns eventually wins, putting Jordan over as a talented newcomer working his way up the ladder.

John Cena / Reigns promo

Cena hands Reigns the mic, saying it’s not a nightstick for his tactical pants. He points out that Reigns was also almost beat by Jordan.

Reigns says he’s had more great matches in two years than Cena’s had in his whole career. This gets a big crowd reaction. Woo-girls woo hard.

Cena says he can win by just letting Reigns talk. He tells the crowd they can’t blame him, as Roman is burying himself.

Cena says Roman has failed each week instead of stepping up.

Roman tells him not to leave, and bring his bitch-ass back. He says Cena called him out because Reigns and the WWE are more successful than when Cena was #1.

He mentions that Cena can’t break into Hollywood and says he knows a guy that can help him (his cousin The Rock).

Cena gets simple and says he’ll be the drug test that Roman can’t pass.

Another great exchange. Cena is amazing on the mic and Roman stepped up to keep up. Their chemistry is palpable and with similar styles, could have a fantastic match.

Sasha Banks vs Emma

The two have a fairly split match but Banks pulls off a sneaky submission and grabs the win.

Bliss starts on commentary but Jax comes out during the match to join the broadcast team.

It’s mentioned multiple times that Bliss doessn’t have to be involved in the finish to lose her title, which she claims (rightfully) is unfair.

Jax is jacked about getting the title shot.

Seems like they’re setting us up for Bliss to lose. Perhaps Jax will pin Emma to keep the big three strong. Banks could be on her way out of the company but at least got the decisive win here.

Lesnar / Heyman promo

Heyman says Strowman is bigger but wonders if he’s badder?! Heyman worked in some UFC pre-match ‘fighter, are you ready?’ lines.

Strowman comes down

They brawl and after Lesnar dodges the powerslam, Strowman no-sells a german suplex. He stands tall to Lesnar, hits a chokeslam and a powerbomb so he can look at Lesnar’s belt in peace.

Goldust vs Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt promo

The usual stuff. This time focusing on Goldust hiding behind face paint, like Finn Balor. Wyatt reckons the face paint gives their power and seems confident he can find an interesting way to lose again

Goldust can still go in the ring. He looks great, even flipping from the apron to the outside. Wyatt gets the win however, and wipes Goldust’s paint off, saying he’s just like Finn Balor; just a man.

Balor’s music plays and he sprints to the ring. Wyatt runs away and stares at Balor from the entrance ramp for 30 seconds longer than we needed to see.

Cesar-mus interview

The baddies predict Roll-Brose are selfish and will eventually self destruct.

Ander-Gallows vs Shea-aro

Ambrollins on commentary.

The match didn’t happen as all three teams brawled at the entrance ramp.

Amb-Rollins want a match to get even and Kurt Angle says they can face the two teams if they find partners for an 8-man tag tonight.

Asuka is coming

A short promo saying Asuka is ‘coming soon’

Alexa and Nia backstage

Nia and Alexa aren’t happy with the Asuka video.

Alexa says RAW should be the Alexa and…Nia and Alexa show.

Bliss wants to be friends again and apologizes for slapping Jax.

Jax says maybe but confesses she finally line up a title ‘opportunity’ against her next week.

Elias vs Kallisto

Elias has gotten much better at rhythm and even chose a better key to sing in.

He sings a few simple insults about leaving Anaheim and it sucking.

Kallisto’s music interrupts

This is either the first time I’ve heard Kallisto’s music or I’ve just never remembered it. Considering how many jobber entrances and how little he’s on tv, it could be the former.

Both rip off their shirts at big moments in the match.

Elias nails an intense powerbomb and follows up with his snap corkscrew fisherman suplex for the win

Elias wins

Cena vs Strowman

Cena is here to put Strowman’s monstrousness over. Strowman tosses Cena out of the ring from a grapple a lá Hulk Hogan.

Cena keeps ducking Strowman’s stalking advances but the big man takes control.

Strowman no-sells Cena’s terrible dropkick and counters with a missile dropkick of his own.

Twice Cena goes for an AA but can’t lift him up like WM III. Did these guys just watch a Hogan DVD to prepare? Cena hits his third AA attempt but Strowman rolls out of the ring.

Strowman hits Cena with steel steps outside the ring. He then tosses the steps into the ring. Is this an injury angle to write Cena off tv?

Strowman powerslams Cena onto the steps, earning a DQ.

Cena wins by DQ. Strowman is a monster

Roll-Brose finds the Hardys backstage

Matt sounds broken and it seems they’ll team up for tonight.

Miz TV

Miz and Maryse announce they’re having a baby.

Miz pledges that – unlike Kurt Angle – he’ll be there from day 1.

He begins a speech but Enzo’s music interrupts.

Enzo says ‘how ya doin’ to Maryse but Miz says ‘don’t you dare how you do my wife’.

Miz says Enzo squandered his potential and is a know-it-all. He calls him out for getting kicked off the WWE tour bus and says he was put in the cruiserweight division because no one on the main roster can stand him.

Enzo retorts and calls Miz a paper champion. They have a match

Miz vs Enzo

Miz looks stronger but both take to the mic during the match. Enzo crosses the line when he says Miz should be asking his baby ‘who’s your daddy?’.

Miz goes crazy, and brings in the Miz Tourage to beat down Enzo, earning a DQ.

Enzo wins by DQ

 Neville laughs at Enzo backstage

That’s it.

Hardys and ‘Sean’ vs Ce-Seamus and AnderGallows

A solid match. Ends with Ce-saro outside the ring giving up on the match while RollBrose hit finishers on Gallows or Anderson for the win.

The good guys win.


A good show. Reigns/Jordan was fantastic, multiple storylines were porgresses, Banks actually got a win, Goldust can still perform really well, and Strowman is getting a huge monster push leading up to his Lesnar match. The Miz segment was an entertaining side story as well. I’ll start looking forward to Miz TV as a shoot style promo if they keep this up.