Ubisoft has just announced a brand new shooter game called “Atomega”. We don’t even need to wait long to play the game as it’s launching for PC next week on September 19th.

Atomega is a PC online FPS multiplayer game. According to the developer, the game is set at the very end of time. As a result, reality is dissolving leaving Exoforms to fight for fun and dominance. An Exoform is supposedly a distant relative to both humans and machines. There are no details on exactly how this is the case so hopefully, this will be clarified soon.

The game features relatively short 10-minute rounds where eight players will battle for dominance. Players seem to collect mass in the form of squares which are found across the map. After collecting enough mass, the player then grows in size and become more powerful. It’s possible to collect mass peacefully by finding pieces across the map or by attacking and consuming other players. We don’t have much detail on how this works however other than what the brief trailer shows for the game.

Atomega is being developed by Ubisoft Reflections. The studio that was responsible for Grow Home and Grow Up. So we can expect the new game to be creative and very unique compared to other FPS games available for the PC right now.

This new game from Ubisoft will be (surprisingly) releasing next week. The game has a release date for September 19th making this a rather sudden release. However, that’s not the only surprise. Atomega will only cost $10 at launch for North Americans. A price for the rest of the world has not been confirmed yet but we can assume it will be fairly low also.

We currently don’t know if this game will be coming to consoles in the future.