Steam Reveals and Discounts Its Best-Selling Games of 2017

Now that the new year is here, Valve is looking back on 2017 in the gaming community on Steam. The company has revealed the top PC games of the year — this time including a couple new categories — and has discounted many of them. Although the lists do not give any specific sales numbers, they provide an interesting account on the top Steam games of 2017.

The categories begin with Top Sellers, which are listed based on gross revenue. Interestingly, most of the games in the top tier of the category weren’t even released in 2017, and some are actually free to play. The category includes 100 games in all, but check out the 12 top-selling Steam games below.

If you’re interested exclusively in newer titles, Valve also provided a list of the best-selling new releases of 2017, broken down by month. That list includes 155 games total, including some discounted by more than 60 percent. Read over some highlights below.

There are more categories still for the best PC games of the year, including lists for the top games to exit Early Access in 2017, the top-selling virtual reality titles, and games with the most simultaneous players. Be sure to dig through the lists to see if your favorites made the top tiers — and to find a good discount or two… or ten.



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