After October’s strong headliners Resident Evil and Transformer’s, November’s offering is much more subdued. It’s less walking dead, and more walking simulator. But a fascinating combo of ’50s sci-fi and Diablo has me very interested.

The free games are available the first Tuesday of the month (Nov 1st).


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture  (PS4)

Metacritic 78

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture transports the player back to the brief moments leading up to the apocalypse to explore the choices people make when they’re faced with world-shattering events beyond their control.

This is the first game I ruined for myself by watching a Let’s Play. I’m hoping that I’ve forgotten enough of the details that it could still be compelling the second time around. I loved Firewatch and have enjoyed the resurgence of mysterious walking simulators.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters  (PS4)


Metacritic 72

Fire up your ray guns, crystal swords, and laser whips, and get ready for thrills and chills! With three incredible movie stars playing out decidedly B-level sci-fi exploits, Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova, and Robot will have you ready to jump off the side of the tower–right into adventure!

A blend of Diablo and ’50s Sci-Fi sounds like a winning combination to me. Also supports two-player local co-op and we definitely don’t get enough of those.



Dirt 3  (PS3)

Metacritic 87

Dirt 3 takes Codemasters’ off-road series back to its rallying roots

A critically acclaimed entry in the Dirt series in case you need some more PS3 racing in your life. Let’s you hang your PSN avatar off the rearview mirror for added personalization.




Costume Quest 2   (PS3)

Metacritic 74 (PS4 version)

become a candy obsessed crusader in the sweet sequel to Double Fine’s original smash hit!

Trick, treat and pick a fight with villainous dental soldiers in Costume Quest 2, the sweet sequel to Double Fines hit original, Costume Quest, that turned fans of all ages into candy obsessed crusaders. This inspired RPG adventure includes a range of new features and gameplay improvements to double the amount of mischievous fun. Explore spooky time-traversing landscapes, don adorable new costumes that transform into powerful Hallo-warriors, and collect even Creepier Treat Cards to wield in combat against a legion of hygiene obsessed baddies. Only heroic siblings Wren and Reynold can save Halloween forever!

…Double Fine sure doesn’t skimp on the summaries. A humorous RPG (almost) in time for Halloween.



Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered  PS Vita, PS4

Metacritic – 73

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Scrabble with an RPG? Now you don’t have to, because Letter Quest is here. Help Grimm and Rose, a couple of cute grim reapers, defeat monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies, and more using the power of words.

I had no idea this game existed but I love words and will definitely give this a go. Several reviews critiqued its lack of depth, but my expectations for a free PS Vita game are quite modest. If I get an hour spelling fun it’ll be worth the download.



Pumped BMX+  Vita, PS4, PS3

Metacritic 56 (XONE version)

There are only six Metacritic reviews as of this writing, but MondoXbox said:

“Despite its mobile origins, Pumped BMX+ manages to satisfy thanks to good control system and physics simulation. With something like 500 different challenges, it’s an advised buy to all lovers of Trials-like games”

While Official Xbox Magazine UK had harsher words:

With cheap presentation, bland art and pratfalls so lacking in impact that it’s not even fun to fail, Pumped BMX+ is a bare-bones port that struggles to earn its place on the big screen.

I’ll definitely be giving it a download to my Vita to see for myself.


This month’s lineup lacks the big names of October but I’m still excited to finally play Rapture for myself and try the b-movie sci-fi co-op hack ‘n slash of Deadly Tower.

What do you think?


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