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PlayStation Now

Whatever is going on in France, we like it. The French gaming media has been on a roll with the PlayStation breaks lately. A few days ago Gameblog spilled the beans on the PlayStation Meeting which is going down on September 7, very likely to reveal the PS4 Neo. Now a separate gaming site out of France, Gamekult, is dropping some bombs about Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now.

Apparently, PlayStation Now will be headed to PC some time in the near future. According to the article it’s supposed to be coming to Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK on August 23. A week later the service will roll out to PCs in North America and Canada. As for Gamekult’s credibility, I have no idea. We’ll judge how reliable they are based on the news we hear (or don’t hear) from Sony next week. If PlayStation Now is in fact coming to PC, that would be a pretty big deal and I’d expect Sony to announce it more than a week out.

If you’re unfamiliar with PlayStation Now, it’s basically a game streaming service that allows you to play a broad selection of PS3 games on your PS4 or Vita. It’s like a PS3 Greatest Hits version of Netflix. As long as you have a decent internet connection and decent ping, you should be able to stream games in HD with little to no input lag. Some users report too much latency to play first-person shooters, but even then the service is perfect for RPGs. We’ll have our ear to the ground, and if we get any kind of confirmation we’ll let you know straight away.

Source: Push Square