The narrative driven PC game Orwell has been confirmed to be getting a new season.

Season 2 is called “Ignorance is Strength” and focuses on “power and democracy in a post-truth world”. The first trailer for the second season features a variety of popular political and media icons such as Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

This season also puts players in the position of a government employee. Just like the first season, this season will be build around choices the player has to make. These choices affect the fictional country known as The Nation.

The first season of Orwell was titled “Keeping an Eye on You”. The player had to stop terrorist attacks by investigating different members of a possible extremist group. We don’t want to spoil too much for you if you’be never played it but you can find our review of it here.

The next season should also be releasing as a PC exclusive. There’s no word on a release for other platforms yet.

We will bring you more news on Season 2 once we learn more about it.