Pencil in ‘Nintendo Switch Presentation’ on your calendars.

A date had already been set for next years Nintendo Switch Presentation in Japan but we now know some finer details. Nintendo announced via Twitter that the event will be streamed globally live. The time has been set for 8 PM PT/11 PM ET on the 12th of January. You can access the stream on Nintendo’s website here.

We can be 99.9% sure (We know what video game companies are like) that we will find out the launch date, pricing and an official list of games that are in development. There have been rumours circulating far and wide about the Switch. The presentation should confirm some and throw a few out the window. One game retailer in the UK has already given a pre-order price, so we’ll see whether it’s fair or not.

For those lucky to be at the event there will be a chance to get hands on with the Switch. Nintendo will also announce dates for sampling events in the US and Europe. They should be soon after the presentation.

Are you excited for the live presentation? Will we just hear what we already know? Let us know in the comments!