After updating their website, Nintendo is now allowing users to leave reviews for specific Switch games. Nintendo once allowed game recommendations for Wii titles on their site, but this is the first time official reviews have been available for Switch titles.

Review sections have not been added to every Switch game listing just yet, but some games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildSplatoon 2, and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle have reviews up and running. Just go to their specific pages on Nintendo’s website and scroll to the bottom to see the section titled “Customer Reviews,” where you can share your thoughts or read those of other players’.

Nintendo Switch game reviews allow players to rate the title out of five stars, give the post a headline, and leave a detailed comment on their experience with the game. Additionally, the site asks reviewers to assign “tags” to the game with traits like “challenging,” “easy to learn,” “graphics,” and “kid appropriate.” Reviewers are also required to select what type of player they are — Nintendo fan, casual gamer, core gamer, or parent.

Players must log into their Nintendo accounts to leave a review, which adds a cool feature to everyone’s review post — it shows how many hours you have played the game under your Mii photo and gamer type that you have chosen. This will surely be helpful to people digging through reviews on a game to give more consideration to the thoughts of someone who has played Splatoon 2 for two hours versus someone who has played for 200 hours.

The reviews are already pouring in for some of the console’s more popular games, and additional game pages should receive the review section soon. Head to Nintendo’s website if you want to leave a review or read what others think of games you’re interested in.

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