Ubisoft has released a blog post detailing the 2.2.2 title update for Rainbow Six Siege. The update will be releasing today for all players of the game. It will be “deploying the foundation for many upcoming improvements,” which means that this is a very important update for the game. Here are the confirmed changes for the 2.2.2 update today:

Dedicated Servers

While Rainbow Six Siege is supported with dedicated servers for the most part, Ubisoft are now making the full transition.

Custom Matches

These have been hosted on dedicated servers since 2016, Ubisoft is changing the rules a little bit. They’re reducing the requirements to host a Custom Match and still play on a dedicated server. This will allow players to play smaller matches which are not the full 5v5 lobby previously required. However, this does mean that player hosted online lobbies will no longer be possible. Ubisoft has confirmed that LAN multiplayer is still an option.

Terrorist Hunt

In the near future, all Terrorist Hunt matches will be hosted on a dedicated server. This means that TH players will experience a more stable connection and won’t need to deal with host migration. There’s no word on when this will happen however, so we’ll have to wait for another announcement from Ubisoft. It’s a very good sign for fans of PvE.

Voice Chat

The in-game voice chat is being improved. Ubisoft is “implementing an improved voice chat service for all platforms that will be hosted on dedicated servers,”. The new service will have Vivox integration which will use less bandwidth while allowing for clearer communication. This change is coming to PC first and consoles at a later date. There is currently no release date for the console version. We’ll update you when we learn more.

To see the full list of upcoming changes such as a new vaulting animation and an Elite Pulse customization bundle, check the blog post here.