Get your Pokéballs ready, folks.

Four days before the release of the Pokémon: Sun and Moon special demo, another announcement video has hit the internet. The last SuMo video showed us the evolved forms of the Alola region’s starters, and this new video introduces us to more fun evolutions, as well as regional variations of some Gen 1 Pokés!

Normal-type Silvally


New Evolutions

First to be revealed is Silvally, the evolved form of mysterious Pokémon Type: Null. Silvally is a Normal type with the brand new ability RKS System. This ability allows Silvally to change type while holding certain items. For each type change, the Pokémon will also change color. Another exclusive for Silvally is the new move Multi-Attack, which also changes type depending on the item it is holding.

The game’s first three-stage evolutions have been revealed for Dragon-type Jangmo-o and Grass-type Bounsweet.

Jangmo-o’s final evolution Kommo-o

Jangmo-o has been shown to evolve into mighty Hakamo-o and finally Kommo-o, both Dragon/Fighting-types. Kommo-o has a unique move called Clanging Scales, which lowers its own defense after the move is used.

Bounsweet’s final evolution Tsareena

Bounsweet evolves into graceful Steene and then Tsareena, both Grass-types. Queenly Majesty is a new ability which only some Tsareenas possess. This prevents opponent Pokémon from using priority moves in battle. Tsareena also can learn an exclusive move called Trop Kick, which lowers the opposing Pokémon’s attack stat in addition to doing physical damage.

The final new evolution revealed in the video is Bug/Fairy-type Ribombee, which evolves from Cutiefly.

alolan-muk2Alolan Grimer and Muk

The most exciting reveals of the video were, arguably, the Alolan forms of Poison/Dark-alolan-grimer2types Grimer and Muk. Grimer has taken on a green hue, while its evolution Muk has turned into a rainbow of sludge. And they have teeth–which are actually crystallized toxins from all the garbage they consume around the Alola region.

New Trainers to Encounter

Last but not least, the SuMo video has revealed two new trainers we will face on our journey through the Alola region–Olivia and Ilima. Olivia appears to be the Kahuna (or leader) of Akala Island, and Ilima is a Trial Captain specializing in Normal types. Check them out in the video below!

What new Pokémon are you most excited to catch? Pokémon: Sun and Moon hit shelves on November 18th, but you can get a sneak peak of them in the special demo coming to the Nintendo eShop October 18th!

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