Nintendo Direct

Nintendo of Europe has just announced a brand new Nintendo Direct.

The video will be releasing this week at midnight CEST or 23:00 BST on September 14th this week. A moderator on the Nintendo Switch subreddit has created a short, but very handy, time zone conversion list for several different major regions and their main city.

Here’s the conversion list for easy viewing:

12:00 UTC-10 – HONOLULU
16:00 MDT – DENVER
18:00 EDT – NEW YORK
22:00 UTC
23:00 BST – LONDON
03:30 IST – MUMBAI
07:00 JST – TOKYO

It’s been confirmed that the Nintendo Direct will focus on the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS. Highlighting what’s coming to these platforms over the coming months.

As expected, the special stream will feature content on Super Mario Odyssey, the upcoming new Mario game. However, we don’t know what else the video will contain for either Nintendo platforms. Nintendo is not known for revealing news ahead of a Direct so it seems unlikely that we’ll get any updates before Thursday.

That being said, the company has confirmed that this will be a long video. The Nintendo Direct will be “nearly 45 mins long” according to the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account which made the announcement.

There are several upcoming Nintendo Switch games that we know about which don’t have a release date.  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been confirmed for a 2017 release date on the new American website however, it still doesn’t have a release date. In addition to this, Fire Emblem Warriors should also be coming within six months for both the Switch and the 3DS so it might feature heavily in the Direct.

There’s also the possibility that some anticipated indie games such as Stardew Valley or Yooka-Laylee might finally be given a release date for the Nintendo Switch. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Thursday.

What are you hoping to see from the new Nintendo Direct? Let us know!