Neko Astume kinda took the world by storm for a while. Everyone was obsessed with luring ALL THE CATS to their yard and collecting all their mementos. Neko Astume was a fun, casual, addictive app game for millions, but many of those millions have moved on. It just got old after a while. Now we have new kitty collector game to obsess over: KleptoCats. It’s a cute casual app game made by HyperBeard Games, and it’s free for both iOS and Android.

A more interactive version of Neko Astume

KleptoCats has been pretty popular recently–who doesn’t love a good kitty game? The point of the game is to fill your barren room with cats and the items those cats go out to steal for you. You can pet and feed your cats to make them happier, which leads them to bringing you better items from outside. The items are pretty random and can range from a key to a ghost to a Pepe to a Pokéball. They have some pretty funny–and a few ominous–descriptions. There’s even a gratuitous Rick and Morty reference!

But how are they made..?

Of course you have currency, in the form of gold coins and the rarer purple gems. Coins can be spent on lots of cute clothing and accessories for your fur babies, and gems are spent on more special clothing. Gems are also used to buy more cats! There are a whole 100 cats with their own designs and quirks, and 162 items for those kleptos to steal for you.

KleptoCats is very addicting and feels like a bit of a step up from Neko Astume. You interact with your kitties a bit more in Klepto and actually customize them some. The game is fun but pretty low maintenance and doesn’t push too hard to take your money.

Be warned: The time your cats spend outside increases each time you send one out, but you do get a notification whenever your little klepto returns. There’s even a mini game to pass the time and collect more coins.

I made a “first look” video of KleptoCats on my YouTube channel, and I’ve since become even more obsessed. Check out the video below!

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