GTA Online Deadline

Today Rockstar Games announced a new update for their hugely successful Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer mode, GTA Online. With the update comes a new motorcycle and a new gameplay mode called Deadline.

The new motorcycle, available from Legendary Motorsport, is called the Nagasaki Shotaro. As you can see in the trailer above, the bikes look like they’re straight out of Tron. They feature glowing neon colors and emit temporary light trails behind them as you ride. For a limited time, everyone who purchases one of these bikes will get a free Nagasaki Logo Tee added to their wardrobe.

In the new Deadline mode, up to four players race on the Nagasaki Shotaro bikes on a custom map. You have to avoid your opponents’ neon light trails as you’re racing, because you explode if you touch them. Each player has a different colored bike and corresponding light trail. The Deadline mode is also equipped with power-ups, which can boost your speed, slow down time, or let you jump over a rival’s light trail.

The Deadline update is available now. Rockstar is making it even more appealing by  offering double GTA$ and Reputation Points (RP) in the mode until November 21st.

Also available until November 21st are some sales and the newest Premium race: Over the Bridge. Over the Bridge is a bikes-only stunt race across the freeways and docks of Los Santos. Participants receive triple RP, and huge GTA$ prizes will go to the top three finishers.

Check out the list of the limited-time sales below!


  • Biker Businesses – 25%


  • Karin Technical – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • Savage – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • MTL Brickade – 50%


  • Bullet ammo – 25%
  • Throwables and explosives – 25%
  • Body armor – 25%
  • Drum & box magazines – 25%

Remember these are only available until November 21st, so get ’em while they last!

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