If you’re not convinced on gaming laptops, here are a few options that may sway you.


Despite the fact that many still consider desktop computers to be better and more powerful for gaming, there are many gaming laptops that can successfully run the latest games. Not only that, but they also bring the advantage of portability and a very good set of components. With that in mind, here are some great gaming laptops that you can purchase right now (Not in any order).

Alienware 17 R3

This model has it all. It looks great, it sports a very distinct look and using it is just a sheer pleasure. You will like the attention to detail offered here and the product just manages to bring in front a very good user experience. Plus, you can customize the device and add in a larger SSD and a better processor but even so at the $1500 price range this is a very good gaming laptop.

Razer Blade

Don’t let the 14 inch screen fool you. This device is very powerful and provides you with the great Razer lighting. It’s an ergonomic product, works great and as a whole you do get immense value from it. People that love the idea of having a good gaming laptop will certainly enjoy the Razer Blade.


MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Edition

If you’re willing to spend more than $2000, this model is an amazing purchase. It has complete VR support, scaringly fast SSDs and a huge 17.3 inch display. Using this great laptop is extraordinary, the experience is very good and overall you get a pretty good value for your investment. It can be a little heavy however so try to keep that in mind.

Asus ROG GL552

If you want a laptop that costs under $1000 but still runs the latest games pretty well, then the Asus ROG GL552 is a good choice. This is mostly due to the 960M graphics card that it has. Overall it is a solid investment and a very powerful machine at that.

OriginPC Eon17-SLX

The OriginPC Eon17-SLX arguably has the best components on the market. It’s a heavy laptop but a very powerful one at that. It’s the ultimate machine for people that enjoy high standard gaming but the price of more than $3300 can put some people off.

MSI GT72S G Tobii

This model from MSI has an eye tracking system that helps you improve your gameplay. It’s also VR ready and you get just about all the components you need for a video editing PC as well.

Gigabyte P25X v2

The Gigabyte P25X v2 is also a very good option for the PC gamers. It has a great Core i7 processor and it runs latest titles without a problem.

These are some great models that you can purchase right now. Keep in mind there is a very large range in price from anywhere between $1000 and $3300 plus. It all comes down to you choosing which is best for you. Also keep in mind there are many new models like the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air that plan to stand out with their lightness and design so you should consider those as well. Either way, this is a great time to be a gamer, as you have plenty of options and more of them are actually coming up as we speak.

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