Rocket League Neo Tokyo

Rocket League is a game with which I have a somewhat complicated relationship, in that I don’t really have a relationship with it at all. I don’t own the game, and I’ve never played it, but it’s one of my favorite games to praise and recommend to others. Surely you have one of those games too, right? Surely you have a game you can appreciate for its innovation, style, and acclaim, even though you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it for yourself. Anyway, Rocket League is my secret crush, and somehow Psyonix just keeps making it better and better.

 Rocket League Neo

Since it released Rocket League has continued to grow and evolve. It’s made its way to all major consoles and PC at this point, pioneered cross-platform play between almost all platforms, and has been continually supported by Psyonix with additional cars, aesthetic upgrades, modes, and arenas. Most of this – the important stuff anyway, like modes and arenas – has been released to players free of charge. The newest addition is no exception. Neo Tokyo is the newest arena coming to Rocket League, and a couple of new cars are on the way as well. I’m tempted to tell you about them, but you really should just watch the trailer.

Expand this sucker to full screen, hook your computer up to some speakers, crank ’em, and enjoy:

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