Jump Festa is raging in Tokyo this weekend, and Square Enix has seized the opportunity to reveal exciting details of Dragon Quest XI. At the presentation, new information on DQ11: In Search of Departed Time was announced, as well as a beautiful debut trailer and gameplay footage.

DQ11 will be released in 2017 on the PS4, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch. Though we didn’t see any Switch gameplay at this presentation, I’m sure we’ll get to see some after Nintendo’ Switch event in January.

The game’s designer, director, and producer explained that DQ11 will feature nods to themes, gameplay, and story elements of the Dragon Quest series. With the series’ 30th anniversary coming up, they’re using this game to celebrate it in a way.

The debut trailer, which is actually the game’s opening movie, looks gorgeous! Perhaps even more exciting is seeing actual gameplay footage from both the PS4 and 3DS versions. In the PS4 footage, we see the hero running across a large grassy field with beautiful scenic backdrops. Colorful creatures and, of course, Slime are everywhere. We also see the hero riding his horse by a gorgeous waterfall and through a rocky gorge.

The 3DS gameplay looks very different–a more chibi-esque style. Fascinating is that the 3DS version can be played with either 3D or 2D graphics. In the video, 3D graphics are shown on the top screen, with 2D graphics on the bottom. Early in the game you will be able to switch between the two graphic styles freely.

Developers at the presentation noted that each platform’s version has a unique feel and features. For example, the 3DS version will include StreetPass functionality, encouraging players to go outside when searching for treasure.

Do you know which version you’ll be getting? Are you holding out for the Switch version reveal? Let us know in the comments!