A new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer is here to show off the game’s stunning visuals and recently confirmed characters, all while hitting us in the feels with a special song from the anime. The trailer, above, was revealed at Jump Festa 2017 and is entirely in Japanese, but that doesn’t distract from its awesomeness whatsoever.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is bringing fans a roster of powerful fighters both old and new. In this new trailer, we get a first look at Goku Black in his Rose Super Saiyan state, Beerus, and Hit in the game. The colorful, anime visuals and non-stop action are enough to keep anyone engaged, but fans will especially appreciate the song “We Were Angels,” the show’s ending theme from 1993 to 1996, or 2001 to 2003 in western regions.

Though it’s a little difficult to decipher exactly what’s going on in the trailer’s relentless explosions and energy blasts, the game’s official Twitter has shed some light on the details, as translated by Siliconera.

Goku Black, when shooting a Kamehameha, can get an assist from Zamasu, who holds the opponent in place. He can also use a giant, long-range scythe made of Ki to continue the onslaught from a distance.

God of Destruction and everyone’s favorite food-loving cat, Beerus, can keep his opponents in check using his Spheres of Destruction, which explode when touched by an enemy.

Finally, there’s Hit, who can use his Time-Skip ability to perform warp attacks. He also has a technical move that auto-counters attacks when he is in a stance.

All fighters will, of course, have more moves and abilities than those detailed above. More information on the game will be revealed in the next issue of V-Jump.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in North America and Europe on January 26th, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game launches in Japan on February 1st.

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