The newest update to ARMS on Nintendo Switch is a big one. Nintendo has added a new fighter named Misango, a map to go with him, three pairs of arms, and the game’s first community competition that reminds us of Splatoon 2‘s Splatfest events.

Update 4.0 brings Misango, a fighter who uses poison-based attacks with a spirit friend floating by his side. Misango can absorb the spirit, who changes between red, yellow, and blue, by charging via dash, jump, or guarding. The spirit grants Misango a different ability — resist flinch, increased mobility, or automatic blocking — depending on what color the spirit is when the character charges.

In addition to ARMS‘ thirteenth playable character, the 4.0 update also brings three new arms — Scorpio, Glusher, and Skulky. They all feature the brand new poison effect but have different weights and abilities. Misango also comes with a new stage called Temple Grounds.

The Splatfest-like event coming to ARMS is called Party Crash. Like Splatoon‘s community event, Party Crash asks players to fight for the supremacy of one side during a set timeframe, but without dividing players into teams. The first Party Crash takes place Wednesday, November 22nd to Friday, November 24th and features fighters Spring Man and Ribbon Girl.

“The ARMS lab is throwing the party of the season! Join in, earn points and raise your Lab level,” an in-game message for the competition states. “When the event ends, collect ARMS currency and badges based on the level you reach.”

By fighting as Spring Man or Ribbon Girl, players will have points boosted by 1.5x, with scheduled sessions for boosting points further. Point totals for each character will be displayed after the event ends, so you can find out who was more popular.

ARMS is available now only on Nintendo Switch.

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