Nintendo has released a new trailer for an upcoming update to the quirky fighter ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. Update 3.2 will be adding a new fighting stage, achievement-esque badges, and possibly a new playable character — but probably just a new skin for an existing fighter.

The new stage will take the form of a classic sparring ring and can be seen in the above trailer, but that’s not the big piece of news. The badges coming in the update will unlock as players complete certain in-game requirements, such as winning your first Grand Prix or fighting in 50 matches. Badges look comparable to Xbox’s achievements and PlayStation’s trophies and will award players in-game currency.

Wait, that still wasn’t the big piece of news? Okay, the character teased at the end of the trailer is what people are talking about. A couple of major gaming news outlets have reported the character is a brand new fighter, but if you ask us it looks a lot like Spring Man with new chrome hair and hot pink features. You can get a glimpse of the fighter and his mysterious glowing eyes at the 1:02 mark in the trailer. He has Spring Man’s coiffed hair and gym shorts, so our money is on a new skin and not a brand new fighter. But hey, you judge for yourself.

For more information on Nintendo’s newest IP, check out our ARMS review roundup to see if you’d be into the game. It’s one of the best titles on the Switch for Joy-Con usage and offers lots of exercise opportunity.

Update 3.2 is coming to ARMS later this month and will be free to everyone who owns the game.

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